Peter Thomas Grabski INOVA Fairfax Hospital Program Information
  • On September 8, 2005 we were introduced to the first employee of the Perinatal Concerns program at Fairfax Hospital. Things are beginning to move. I want to note that this is a first step. We could only afford to pay a few hours for the program. When that is exhausted, we will lose the services of our coordinator. We will continue to add links to information and resources as well as information to make donations. In the meantime feel free to learn more about Peter.

  • On 1 July 2006 Inova launched the full-time Perinatal Concerns Program. This exciting next step puts us on track to start making a difference in the Northern Virginia area. The result of this program will be immediate. Families will be guided to the resources they need to understand their individual situations and plan for the possibilities. These possibilities cover a wide range of conditions. That's why we have connected the best volunteer and professional resources around. Fairfax hospital is the regional specialty center for these difficult deliveries, March of Dimes is well known for its work to reduce birth defects, and we have a well-managed core of able volunteers. All of this is possible because we've demonstrated the need to those who have the resources to make this happen. As with any other program, we count on those who can help. We're always looking for volunteers, those who have experience with this type of situation as a patient, friend or caregiver.

  • Since the begining of the program, contributions have grown to sustain a position at Fairfax Hospital to support these efforts. The March of Dimes, Aetna, Booz Allen Hamilton (Yards for Youth, and Birdies for Charity), and Thomson Reuters have been the largest external supporters of the program. Internally, Inova health system has provided office space, organizational leadership, and volunteers to make this happen. They are taking referrals from all of the Inova hospitals and providing, much needed, professional help and personal guidance.

  • More than 1,000 families, referred to the program have been helped to date and the number of referrals is growing, as the program is gaining visibility. 2014 alone saw more that 200 referrals to the perinatal care program and our single patient navigator.

  • We may be able to help in ways that make your time together better, more memorable, and less stressful, even if we can't make it better or problem free. The continuum of care, from cure to comfort, is something that we want everyone to share.

  • 2015, The Grabski family and friends are raising money to provide a permanent office for the program in the form of an office for the patient navigator and a consultation room for the patients and families getting assistance. Please consider helping us reach our $35,000 by contributing through the link provided to the left.