Peter Thomas Grabski Welcome to the site for Pretty Tough Guys and Girls. We've dedicated this site in memory of our son Peter, for everyone who is in need of support and information regarding a troubled pregnancy. Peter provided us with a challenge to fill the gaps in perinatal care. The gaps to which we refer are not strictly medical. We can help find resources for supplies and support that aren't the focus of medical care. We learned about feeding a baby with a cleft pallet and the different bottles, nipples and equipment that are available or necessary to feed your baby. You can read the story on this site. More than just sharing Peter's life with everyone, we want to provide some help to those looking for information, but don't know where else to turn. We don't have all of the answers, but we do check out everything we pass on and we try to keep up with whatever we think will help. The links we have here are checked periodically to ensure they are still valid and we've already gone to the site to make sure that they are what they say. The last thing you need at a time like this is bad information.

Peter left us with much to do. Working with Inova Fairfax hospital we've created a perinatal care program. We are making great progress and we will keep you posted through this web site.

2015 is the year we, as a family, have committed to providing the funding for a more permanent home for the program. With you support of our friends, family, anyone wishiing to to help (that may be you), Inova will be building out an office for our patient navigator and a patient consultation room. At first activities like the annual Gala and contributions from corporate sponsors such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Thomson Reuters helped the program to get off the ground, but volunteers and private donations are still very necessary. Our full-time patient navigator is still largely funded by philanthropy. Now that hundreds of referals are being sent her way, it's time for the program to grow, both in footprint at the hospital, but also with additional staff hours. All of your charitable contributions go directly to the program. We place not overhead charges whatsoever.

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